The Most Active Investors in HRTech

Who were the most active investors in HRTech?

Top investors in Mega Companies in Custom

Mountain View

Here we look at the Public, Mega Acquisitions (Acquired for greater than $200M) and Unicorns in our list of Mega companies of HRTech. The above data is for investments across all years in Custom. tops among public companies in HRTech having raised . entered in Workday at Early stage while entered in the Late Stage. (total funding 178M) and (total funding 90M) is the second top public company in the list (by total $ raised). was the top acquired company in HRTech. It has raised a total of 217.02M from various rounds where, entered in early stages whereas bvp and baincap entered the company in late stage. and are the other top companies in our Mega Acquisition list by total funding received. tops the list of Unicorns with 583.6M received in funding. The early stage investors in are,,,,,,, entered the company in late stage.

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